September 4, 2020


Inaugural Implementation – Youngers 2020

Age and Weight parameters for the youth rugby game in Southern California were implemented in 2020 at the U10 Coed, U12 Coed and BU14 levels.  After multiple years of research and discussion, the end goal was to maximize safety and minimize injuries.  SCYR Clubs presented their own age/weight research and proposals for the program. The club input alongside the SCYR Board of Directors created the following age/weight thresholds for 2020:

U10:  Ages 7-9 as of August 31st, 120 lb maximum weight

U12:  Ages 9-11 as of August 31st, 145 lb maximum weight

BU14 Light:  Ages 11-13 as of August 31st, 180 lb maximum weight

Ensuring an inclusive environment, a Maximum Cap Waiver was introduced as well. This waiver was created solely to review athletes with extenuating circumstances. No first year player at an age division would move up two “steps.”  For example, a 135 pound 7-year-old playing their first year at U10, would not be bumped up to play U12 with a Max Cap Waiver.

2020 Results

A total of 1,571 youth rugby athletes playing U10, U12, BU14 participated in the 2020 Youngers season and thus weighed in with the new Age/Weight program.

U10:  366 players, average weight of 81 lbs, 15 Max Cap Waivers granted

U12:  552 players, average weight of 103 lbs, 49 Max Cap Waivers granted

BU14:  653 players, average weight of 126 lbs, 11 Max Cap Waivers granted

A total of 19 SCYR Clubs were granted a Max Cap Waiver(s).

SCYR has contracted with InjureFree for several years, which is injury tracking handled on game day at the pitch.  There was a 35% decline in injuries year over year from 2019 to 2020 per the InjureFree data.

2020 Review

Following the Youngers 2020 season, SCYR conducted surveys and hosted Zoom meetings to receive extensive member club feedback and input on the new Age/Weight program.  As well, the SCYR Board of Directors reviewed the program in detail each month.

2021 Youngers Age/Weight Program 

For the upcoming 2021 Youngers Season, the following parameters have been agreed upon by the SCYR Board of Directors and with input from participating clubs as noted during the recent spring and summer review process. The Youngers will continue with the current weights and competitive structure of max cap limits at the U10 and U12 divisions with BU14 continuing to operate with separate Open and Light divisions. 

While moving through the review process, the policy’s success in 2020 has continually been measured against the goals of original implementation: 1. Increasing player safety; 2. Increasing player participation. With these goals in mind, the policy has been successful in year one with a decrease in injuries and an uptick in playing numbers. 

It was evaluated to add Open/Light to other divisions for 2021 beyond BU14. However, it was decided to remain with the current 2020 competitive structure for 2021. There are considerable concerns from the medium to smaller clubs in moving to Open/Light across all age brackets as it could be detrimental to their teams in player development and safety. In review of the total playing numbers at all age brackets for our member clubs, this notion is supported as there is a larger player pool in the U14 age brackets, which allow for a more successful Open/Light distinction. Considering many clubs grew in registration numbers with this new age/weight implementation, keeping course at this time and promoting even more growth will allow us to collectively get to a point that Open and Light weights would be more accessible to additional Youngers Divisions (U10 and U12) in the near future. 

2021 Age/Weight Program – Policy Continuation 

  1. 2021 Weight Thresholds —  No change
  • The maximum weight at each division will stay the same.  U10=120 lbs, U12=145 lbs, BU1 Light=180 lbs.
  1. Open/Light Divisions –  No change
  • BU14 will remain the only division with an Open and Light distinction.

2021 Age/Weight Program – Policy Adjustments

  1. Max Cap Waiver Threshold – Adjustment  
  • Athletes applying for a Max Cap Waiver must be within 10% beyond their division’s weight maximum to be eligible.
  1. Number of Max Cap Waivers Granted Per Team – Adjustment
  • Max Cap Waivers are limited to three (3) per team.  Clubs with multiple teams per age division need to designate Team A, Team B, etc.
  1. Number of Max Cap Waiver Athletes Allowed to Play at One Time – Adjustment
  • A maximum of two (2) Max Cap Waived athletes may be in the game/on the pitch at one time.
  1. Age/Weight Regional Reps – New/Adjustment
  • Each of the four main SCYR regions (Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Tri-County) will have three designated Age/Weight representatives to assist in impartial weigh-ins, Max Cap Waiver reviews and provide support as needed.  
  • The Regional Age/Weight Representative term is for one year.  

August 31, 2020

We are excited to announce SCYR is moving to a new software system called Sportlomo. Sportlomo is a fully integrated sports management software system designed specifically for national governing bodies, state governing bodies, leagues and teams/clubs. Sportlomo is the new software choice of USA Rugby and the entire nation is transferring to this model.

You may have received an email from USA Rugby and/or Sportlomo requesting you to update your member information. Please note this email was generated for the whole country, but is a bit premature for SoCal Youth Rugby given our restricted Covid-19 no play situation. SCYR is not open for athlete, coach or referee registration at this time. With that said, we are beginning the Sportlomo onboarding and training for our SCYR Member Clubs/Teams. This starts with those that utilize Sportlomo the most extensively — the Club Administrators. 

REQUIRED Next step for all Clubs and High School teams
Please complete this CLUB ADMINISTATOR form asap.  I will set up the Sportlomo log-in access for this designated Club Administrator. Each Club/HS Team can appoint ONE Club Admin, however, this admin can add others admin access as the team needs.  

After I’ve set the Club Admins in Sportlomo, I’ll next share how to set up your team’s banking information, set-up other admins as noted, and learn a bit more about Sportlomo.  

Changes like software can be a bit challenging, but we’re looking forward to this unified Sportlomo system across the US and amongst our teams.