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Tours & Tournaments

SCYR member clubs are required to complete the Outbound Tour Application when wishing to travel and play outside of Southern California. As well, when hosting teams from other regions, please complete the Inbound Tour Application. SCYR will review the application and notify the club via email of the approval. If your club wishes to host a tournament on its own separate from SCYR, yet during an active SCYR season, please complete the Tournament Application.


SCYR puts the safety of our athletes as our top priority and we work in partnership with our clubs and teams to ensure our policies are implemented.  As a club administrator, you should be very familiar with the Player Welfare Program.  Admins should also have a system of verifying that your coaches understand and are following the safety requirements, which include athletic trainer requirements, concussion policy, field set-up/Technical Zone requirements, etc.

Sanctioning Laws

“Any Match, Series of Matches, tour or tournaments which does not fully comply with the requirements of the Bye-Laws, Regulations and Laws of the Game shall be deemed unofficial. The Union within whose territory such an unofficial event takes place (and the visiting Union or Unions) and/or the Union or Unions of participating Provincial, County, District, Clubs or Rugby Bodies will be held responsible and will be liable to sanction in accordance with the Regulations and/or Bye-Laws.” — World Rugby Regulation 16.2.8

Per USA Rugby: “Any rugby activities held without the sanction of USA Rugby will be considered non-compliant with World Rugby regulations. As such, any certifications or qualifications tied to World Rugby would be considered invalid, and no tie would exist to the World Rugby rules of the game or disciplinary standards. A sanction for a non-member team to play a member team will not be unreasonably withheld if certain criteria are met. USA Rugby is happy to provide this information per request; however, it is important to note that sanctioning does not provide accident or liability insurance to a non-member team for the match, nor does it confer any other member benefits beyond allowing the match to occur.”