For Club Admins

Every Member Club is different and defines the roles and responsibilities of administrators, coaches, team parents, and other volunteers in the way that works best for their club. 

The list below covers many of the key duties generally performed by one or more club administrators.  As a rule, clubs should specifically define who within the club is responsible for ensuring that each of the tasks below is accomplished. Each club’s designated admin must register as such with USA Rugby.

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Athlete Registration

One of the most important tasks for club administrators is the process of registering athletes with SCYR as no athlete is permitted to play without being fully and properly registered (paid) and ID verified. 

Policies & Procedures

Our Member Clubs are responsible for knowing and following all current SCYR policies and procedures specific to each season.  

Tours & Tournaments

SCYR member clubs are required to complete the Outbound Tour Application when wishing to travel and play outside of Southern California. As well, when hosting teams from other regions, please complete the Inbound Tour Application. SCYR will review the application and notify the club via email of the approval. If your club wishes to host a tournament on its own separate from SCYR, yet during an active SCYR season, please complete the Tournament Application.

Safety & Conduct

SCYR puts the safety of our athletes as our top priority and we work in partnership with our clubs and teams to ensure our policies are implemented.  As a club administrator, you should be very familiar with the Player Welfare Program.  Admins should also have a system of verifying that your coaches understand and are following the safety requirements, which include athletic trainer requirements, concussion policy, field set-up/Technical Zone requirements, etc.

It is also critically important that our member clubs are continually educating and reinforcing the positive ethos of rugby within their own communities, including implementing disciplinary action for Code of Conduct violations, as appropriate.