Return to Play

If an athlete is suspected to have suffered a concussion, they will be ineligible to practice or play until the full recovery process has been completed.  During this period, the athlete will appear as “Medically Ineligible” in Match Facts and thus; can’t be place on a match report.

Graduated Return to Play (GRTP) – If the athlete has been symptom-free for two full days at the end of the two week rest period, they may begin the SCYR Graduated Return To Play (GRTP) protocol:

  • The athlete must also have been evaluated by a physician at least two days prior to beginning the GRTP protocol and have their approval to begin the GRTP.
  • The GRTP incorporates a progressive exercise program to re-introduce athletes to sport following concussion.  24 hours is required between each step and the athlete must remain symptom free in order to progress to the next level of activity. 

Physician Concussion Clearance Form and GRTP Form

The completed forms must be returned to the PWP Manager: Christine Mitchell –