SCYR’s Player Welfare Program (PWP) is designed to provide critical and on-going safety benefits to the youth and high school rugby players of Southern California.  This comprehensive program includes four critical, integrated benefits:

  • Access to Certified Athletic Trainers
  • Access to the industry-leading, online baseline concussion test, ImPACT testing
  • Access to a mobile injury reporting through Match Facts
  • Access to the PWP Manager to assist parents and coaches with understanding and accessing the PWP benefits

When an ATC tends to an SCYR athlete at a match, they will create an injury report in Match Facts that describes the injury, any actions taken by the ATC, and the ATC’s recommendations for the athlete and parent regarding further assessment or treatment of the injury.

If the injury is significant or involves a suspected concussion or a loss of consciousness, SCYR’s PWP Manager will contact the parent/guardian and the team primary contact to confirm awareness of the injury, discuss care and referral recommendations and the requirements to return to play.