SoCal Youth Rugby — the nation’s hotbed of rugby.

The community spirit of rugby, safety, introduction and development are the pillars for growing the game amongst our thousands of SoCal Youth Rugby athletes, families, clubs and high schools.
Southern California Youth Rugby is the US Youth & High School’s State Youth Rugby Organization for Southern California. Our member clubs span nine counties from San Luis Obispo to south San Diego and all areas east.


Fastest Growing Sport

  • Rugby is the world’s fastest growing sport. 
  • Rugby 7s became an Olympic sport in Rio 2016 and will be a top feature at the LA28 Games.
  • SoCal is home to two Major League Rugby teams — San Diego Legion and Los Angeles Giltinis.
  • Rugby is a sport for all ages, genders, shapes, and sizes. 

Unrivaled Conditioning for Other Sports

  • Rugby’s movements are natural body actions and do not place stresses on the body’s joints or ligaments as other sports do. 
  • Rugby builds peak physical shape and functional muscle mass that does not hinder the player’s stamina. 

Safer Tackling and Player Welfare

  • Rugby has been at the forefront of combatting and decreasing youth head injuries.
  • Rugby stresses a “clear-the-head” approach when making tackles. This means the player making a tackle is taught to move their head to the outside of the attacking player before initiating contact. This keeps the tackling player from absorbing impact to the head, face, or neck region and redirects it to the shoulders where impact can be better handled.
  • NFL teams have researched rugby’s tackling techniques to learn safer avenues.
  • SoCal Youth Rugby allocates Athletic Trainers to matches to assist with on field injuries, if they occur.
  • All SoCal Youth Rugby coaches are background screened as well as Safesport and Concussion Management certified.

The Renowned Rugby Culture

  • The respect that rugby players have for each other is unmatched by other youth sporting contemporaries.
  • Lifetime friendships are built between teammates and opponents.
  • When the final whistle is blown, no matter what has just happened, players shake hands and commend one another.
  • The community and respectful nature of rugby athletes creates a social aspect unique to a major team sport. 

Rugby 15s

The traditional format of the game is played by two teams of fifteen players with eight forwards and seven backs taking the field at any one time. The game is suited to players of varying shapes and sizes with specialist positions suiting players of a specific athletic profile.

Every four years, the 15s game is celebrated at the world’s third largest sporting event, the Rugby World Cup – the peak international Rugby tournament governed by World Rugby.

Rugby 7s

Rugby 7s is played increasingly at the grass roots level and has seen great growth in the SCYR High School Gold Division. Rugby 7s debuted as an Olympic Games sport in 2016.

Because 7s is played on a full-sized rugby pitch, but with only seven players on each side, there is extra space to run which suits a different type of athlete. It is a fast and exciting variation of the game demanding huge levels of fitness.

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