What is Rugby?

Rugby is a game for all ages, shapes, sizes and comes in multiple formats. SCYR offers 15s, 7s, and Flag.

World Rugby Laws of the Game

Rugby 15s

The traditional format of the game is played by two teams of fifteen players with eight forwards and seven backs taking the field at any one time. The game is suited to players of varying shapes and sizes with specialist positions suiting players of a specific athletic profile.

Every four years, the 15s game is celebrated at the world’s third largest sporting event, the Rugby World Cup – the peak international Rugby tournament governed by World Rugby.

Rugby 7s

Rugby 7s is played increasingly at the grass roots level and has seen great growth in the SCYR High School Gold Division. Rugby 7s debuted as an Olympic Games sport in 2016.

Because 7s is played on a full-sized rugby pitch, but with only seven players on each side, there is extra space to run which suits a different type of athlete. It is a fast and exciting variation of the game demanding huge levels of fitness.