Coach of the Year

2020 SCYR Youngers Club Coach of the Year — Johnny Pua

Johnny Pua – Belmont Shore Youth Rugby, BU14

“He does not teach us how to win. He teaches us how to learn from our past mistakes so we don’t do it again. Coach also cares a lot about his players. He knows how each of his players are and how they play. He knows how to challenge us individually and as a team. He is a very happy person in general and a person who is easy to talk to. He also knows how to teach us the IQ part of the game instead of the power or speed of the game. It’s been a great season with Coach Lole and I wish this was my first year of 14’s so he could be my coach again. Thank you Coach.”

“He is the most selfless person I have ever met. I am so grateful he has come into my son’s life and continues to be a great role model for him.”

SCYR 2020 High School Coach of the Year – Nick Sarris

Nick Sarris JSerra, Boys Gold 7s

“As a new player to rugby, coach taught me how to not only understand the game as a whole, but also improve my development as a man and understand the importance of sportsmanship while maintaining a sense of competition.”

“Coach Sarris is committed not only to developing rugby players, but young men. He coaches with an intense passion and love for the sport, always putting his players in the best position to succeed.”